Having a Dodgy Browser History



I saw something on twitter a few months ago, where someone asked which people would prefer: for their internet browser history to be displayed on a billboard in their local area, or walk around for 24 hours with one of their breasts hanging out.

As someone who breastfed two kids for a grand total of over 2 years, the idea of walking around with one boob covered is actually a 50% increase in modesty over how I spent much of 2010 and 2012 so I obviously voted for option 2, what surprised me was- so did mostly everyone else.  I don’t know what the male version was- one testicle maybe?!  But it got me thinking:

what are these people doing online?!

I know why I don’t want mine broadcasting- I’m a writer.  And to give you an idea of the impact that has on my browser history, allow me to give you a sample on what my chrome history for the past 24 hours holds:

  • google search: “realistic sentence for a minor for car theft”
  • guardian article: “life in a young offenders institution”
  • web page: “Youth Justice Board for England and Wales”
  • pinterest image searches: “Teen in handcuffs” “Car on fire” “Burnt out car” etc….
  • rightmove search: “houses over £1 million in Cheshire with 5+ bedrooms”

And that’s just for starters.  You can see how this could be a problem, and compared to some of the things I’ve googled for other stories I’ve worked on, this lot is actually pretty tame.  In November for the first draft I ploughed out for NaNoWriMo I spent a good deal of time researching mortuaries, funeral homes and embalming.  I’d certainly have some explaining to do if I went for the billboard option, and I have a feeling the people of Leve might start avoiding me in the street.

My recent foray into vehicular crime (or at least that’s how it would look if anyone was spying on me) is on account of the fact I’m doing Camp NaNo again this year, and it starts in just 3 days (eek!)  I am hoping to get 25,000 words down by the end of April, on my new WIP, and as you may have guessed my main character has ummm…a history.  So I’m busy researching on his behalf (honest!)

In the meantime if anything untoward were to happen to me please be aware that half of the stuff in my history is not me.  Well, it is ME, I mean technically…but I have REASONS.

Oh, except for the google searches on “WTF to do with baby teeth when they fall out”…that actually IS me…because that is my life now, apparently.





One thought on “Having a Dodgy Browser History

  1. Kimberly 28/03/2016 / 10:20 pm

    This is always a danger for writers… I heard Jennifer Lynn Barnes speak once about how she was writing a political thriller in D.C. at the same time she was writing a murder mystery. Not a good combo for browser history!

    Good luck on Camp NaNo this year!

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