Comfortable Silence

I have, it would appear, run out of words.  Or at least, the ‘right’ words- the kind of words I’d be happy to share with the world.

I haven’t been blogging, I haven’t been journalling, I haven’t been working on my new WIP, I haven’t been putting anything out there at all, but I have been thinking a lot, and talking a lot, and I think that’s what I’ve needed recently- more quiet, more conversation, hearing my own thoughts verbalised and seeing how I feel when the weight of them is hanging in the air.

It’s new, and weird, for me anyway, but it’s also good and definitely necessary.  It’s a a comfortable silence I guess, and I’m not worried that it means anything significant or at least not in a negative way.

I am still working through my list of re-reads for the year, so have a few of those posts to catch up on, and I am on the brink of lots of big and exciting changes which I’ll happily share when the time is right.

In the meantime, may I introduce you all to my LACK OF HAIR, that is NOT BLUE:



Any thoughts?

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