My name is Rebecca and it’s been 3 days since I last watched an episode of Daredevil…

I’m seriously considering starting a support group called “I’ve watched all the episodes of Daredevil and now I don’t know what to do with my life- help me!” Member count so far: just me, it seems…

Seriously though, it is SO GOOD. I can hardly be blamed for greedily racing through every single one of the 13 episodes…but whyyyy oh why did I do it?! Why didn’t I pace myself more?! Don’t I have ANY willpower?! (Clearly, no.)

Here’s what I’m going to miss:

1. Rosario Dawson AND HER HAIR which I am seriously considering attempting to copy…

2. Being genuinely terrified of Fisk. And loving how developed he is as a character, rather than just being ‘The Bad Guy’

3. Deluding myself that were I ever to lose one of my senses I would also be instantly transformed into a Bad Ass Ninja Vigilante and fantasising about Kicking Some Serious Ass.

4. The casting. Everyone in it plays their roles BRILLIANTLY.

5. The fact that this is one of a very small number of shows I have watched that portrays semi-realistic healing times for injuries. Don’t get me wrong, if a film or tv show is very good and drags me in to the story then I am willing to suspend disbelief to a certain extent, but the nurse in me does get a bit annoyed when massive internal/external injuries and/or illness is brushed aside after just one episode because it doesn’t sit with the storyline. If there’s nothing supernatural at play and you haven’t skipped ahead in time weeks and weeks then your characters SHOULD be limping and popping painkillers, or at least laying off the beatings and wincing at sudden movement!

6. Charlie Cox’s stubbly jawline. Obvs.

7. Chris’s “3000% done with me” face that he makes whenever I randomly shriek and grab him during a particularly tense moment

8. Matt and Foggy’s friendship flashbacks- just ♡

9. Knowing what I am doing with my evening every single evening without needing to think about it.

10. Yeah, ok, basically everything. ALL OF IT!

I need more now please Netflix! MOOOOOOAR! Do it now! Thankyouplease 🙂

P.S. Note to self: also file this blog post under-

“Reasons I have failed to meet my Camp NaNoWriMo word count”


“Things I have been doing to pass the time until our first foster baby is in placement”


“Evidence I have no self restraint”


Any thoughts?

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