Rebecca’s Great Re-Read of 2015

At the end of last year (oooh, first time I’ve said anything like that so far!) I alluded to the fact I was going to do something a bit different with my reading challenges this year.

Last year I commenced Project Book Jar, and I’m still going to keep that going, but more as a way to help myself out if I’m feeling stuck on what to read, rather than having this massively overwhelming urge to reduce my TBR pile.

Instead, I have decided to indulge myself and re-read a handful of my absolute favourites.

I was pretty shocked when I was listing everything I read in 2014 to realise the only thing I actually re-read in the last 12 months was the first Harry Potter book, and only then because I’m reading them to the boys at bedtime.  There are so many books I love, and I want the chance to fall in love with them all over again.

So, I have picked 12 books so that I can (in theory) re-read one each month.

They are all favourites of mine, and the majority of them I haven’t read in a really long time (years and years in most cases) so I’m going to try and post updates about my progress to let you know what it was like to revisit them.

So without further ado- here’s the list:

I won’t necessarily be re-visiting them in that exact order, but I am starting with The Stand, so who knows, it might just accidentally work out that way…


See you in 1421 pages! 😉


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