I Have a Plan

Actually, I don’t, but that’s my point.

I attempted NaNoWriMo last month.  I say attempted, because I failed.

I wrote 6,156 out of a target 50,000 words.  So you could say failed, or you could say reallyfuckingspectacularlyfailed.

Whichever, either will do.

My reasons/excuses include:

*Dithering at the start (I initially planned to edit book 1, but then decided to just forge ahead with book 2, by which point it was a week into November already)

*Life in general

*My boyfriend wrecking, sorry updating the computer

*My 3 year old having the nerve to get tonsillitis

*The impending end-of-year yuletide festivities

and most significantly of all


I started writing a book in the summer of last year, and bombed at 40,000 words because I had a plot (and a good one, or so I thought anyway) but no idea what was actually going to happen, you know…on a scene by scene basis.

Then for the book I wrote earlier this year I went to the opposite extreme and totally went into planning overdrive.  Then after weeks and weeks of meticulous planning, deep-thinking and LISTS, I managed to write 20,000 words in my first week and the full 73,000 words within 5 months.

So this time, I jumped right in, and quickly realised I can’t swim at this depth yet.

Hence, the NaNo fail.

I’m feeling totally okay about it though.  At least now I know that I’m not what is termed a ‘pantser’ (writing by the seat of your pants, aka making it up as you go along, although to a certain extent that is how all writers write isn’t it?!)

So my plan now, is to go back to my original plan of editing book 1 first, and then make an actual plan for book 2.

Plans, plans, plans!

Much needed, as it turns out.


3 thoughts on “I Have a Plan

  1. Kate M. Colby 10/12/2014 / 5:49 pm

    At least you tried NaNoWriMo AND aren’t giving up, that’s more than a lot of people can say! Good luck with your editing and giving book two another go!

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