Is there anything more satisfying than writing those two little words?

Well…probably a few things actually, and writing this:


was one of them.  Yes that does say “The Actual End” but only because 24 hours prior I’d written:


But in reality I wasn’t quite done because I had an epilogue to write.

So finally last night, ten years after first coming up with the main character and loose idea, eight months after beginning to dream up a plot, and exactly 21 weeks after starting to actually WRITE the thing…I FINISHED MY BOOK.


Today I have mostly been wearing my “Great Manchester Run 2014 FINISHERS” Tee, and a very big grin.


Clearly, this is only the beginning, it still needs a lot of work.  The handwritten version in those notebooks is what you might call “A Rough Draft”, and then I have the typed up version, which is a slightly smoother draft.  More like how you’d imagine the first draft of a book might be.  It begins at the beginning and ends at the end and in-between there are a lot of words. 75,300 to be exact.  And only 273 of those are swear words, that’s less than 0.36%  Who’d have guessed?  I thought I was dropping f-bombs (kind of hate that term actually) all over the place but turns out I’m using them less than I do in my day-to-day speech, where my percentage is probably ten times as high. Well, I’ll be damned 😉

I’m not sure yet what my plan is, other than to leave it be for a couple of weeks and then begin the daunting and potentially endless task of editing/re-writing.  So anyone wanting to read it, can expect it to be ready umm…let’s see…NEVER.


I’m being quite serious though.

Like every writer who has come before me, the idea of anyone else other than ME actually reading it at this point fills me with a kind of vomit-inducing dread.  And yet…it would be pretty awesome to have someone read it one day, especially if they then told me they’d enjoyed the experience.  So we shall see.

Besides editing, I’m also planning to start writing Book Two.  Yep, you heard me correctly.  I haven’t told the full story, so there’s going to be at least one, maybe two more books. (I kind of wanted to make it a two-parter, rather than a trilogy but I think there are three quite distinct stories to be told, so it’s probably going to naturally end up as three book series).

Having literally just finished (and I use the term ‘finished’ loosely there) writing the first book, the idea of doing that all over again, maybe twice is pretty scary…but also quite exciting.  I’m still as passionate about the characters (particularly my main character) as I was 21 weeks ago so it’ll be fun to spend more time ‘with’ them.

Before all that I’m going to have a bit of a break though.  It’s not like I haven’t had days off from writing in the last 5 months, hell I’ve had a whole two weeks of not writing at times, but it’s always been there in the background, tugging at my mind.  So for the next fortnight I’m planning to let it go, let it goooooo (sorry, but my boys recently joined every other child in the country by becoming obsessed with Frozen)

I have one of these:

wreck this journal

tucked away in a drawer that I thought might be a fun way of being creative without actually MAKING WORDS.  And there are always books to be read and films to be watched.

First though, I may have to make time for a teensy bit more BASKING, and a tad more CELEBRATING.

Flawed, and unfit-for-public-viewing though it may be, I WROTE A BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




5 thoughts on “THE END

  1. Bailey Jackson 07/09/2014 / 5:58 pm

    Congrats!! That’s always a great feeling 🙂

  2. wlloydjr 07/09/2014 / 9:04 pm

    I love the feeling of finally finishing. It’s nice to be able to sit back and know that your baby is finished. Congrats! Good luck with everything!

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