A False Start

So, after my major freak out, the first two days of school were totally and absolutely fine.

He was fine, we were fine, everyone was fine, it was fine.

On the first day parents were allowed to stay until 10 past 9, so we did.  Then he gave us kisses and went and sat on the carpet for register without so much as a backwards glance and we left and that, as they say, was that.

The second day was much the same.  Both days we were able to linger on the school premises for a little longer as they’ve put on tea/coffee mornings every day for the first two weeks, which I think is a great idea as not only does it feel less dramatic than striding straight out of the gates, but it’s also been nice to meet and start getting to know some of the other parents.

So I wasn’t quite at the stage of congratulating ourselves on ace-ing the whole starting school thing, but I was feeling like I had a grasp on the whole situation, when The Puking Began.

Yes, it would appear 4 year old’s have their own version of Fresher’s Flu, and it involves a tremendous amount of vomiting and diarrhoea within a fairly short but intense window.  So, as it turns out, this whole plan we had, of Chris taking a week off work to help us all get into a routine etc has been shot to shit (no pun intended there, sorry) as days 3 and 4 of the first week of school were a total no-go.  We’ve spent them at home, in our pyjamas, doing laundry/watching movies.

So the first week of school, has actually been a bit of a false-start for us, and I feel like if we’re going to run into ishoos (his, or ours) then it’s more likely to be next week, because not only will he be doing five full days at school in a row for the first time, but it’s also my final week before IVIG, which will make the whole getting up at 7am and walking 4 miles a day errrr….interesting?!


Any thoughts?

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