I’m a winner!

I feel like I need to preface this post by saying that I don’t in any way resemble or feel like one right now.  Suffering from the effects of sleep-deprivation and battling my way through the every day grind of parenting two small people, I feel almost certain that winners do not traditionally wear yesterday’s led zeppelin tee along with a pair of leggings covered in hay whilst emanating a definite aura of “approach me at risk of being punched in the face” but hey, that’s me this afternoon.

Still I thought I should check in here to say that despite appearances I really am a winner, as on Thursday night, with just over an hour to spare before the deadline I finally reached my CampNaNoWriMo word goal!




Ok so 20,000 words isn’t even that many to write in a month, but considering I also participated in life outside of writing last month, and struggled with writer’s block for the first time, I still think it’s an achievement I can and should be proud of.

It also means my  book/novel/first-draft/work-in-progress/whatever you want to call it, now stands at around 62,000 words, with still a few things left to happen before I can wrap the story up.  This is exciting because that is the most words I have ever written on one project, because I am still as enthusiastic about it as I was at the start, and because at this rate I am going to end up with something vaguely resembling a full length novel on my hands at some point later this year.  All of which makes me a very happy Rebecca, even if you wouldn’t think so were you to bump into me in real life right now.

The last couple of days, since finishing camp have just really kicked my ass physically and mentally.  As has my 2 year old, almost literally, as his new ‘thing’ seems to be:

a. Repeat visits to the  toilet every single place we go under the guise of being “desperate for a wee”, when I think 99% of the time he really just wants my undivided attention/to play with the taps in the bathroom

and b. Punching me when I make unreasonable demands of him, such as requesting he hold my hand when crossing roads, or asking him to “stop” when he’s trying to run across a car-park.

So you know, that’s fun.


I wish I could make this post more cheerful but I’m afraid it will just have to be what it is.  I ‘won’ my first ever Camp NaNoWriMo and I am managing to keep my children alive despite their best efforts.  I think we should all drink to that.




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