I suck at it.

So I recently re-joined twitter, and moved my blog to these shiny new pastures and I was all “Right.  This will be for this, and that will be for that. And never the twain shall meet“.

However it turns out I am completely incapable of that kind of separateness.  Already I have been tweeting and blogging about a great plethora of things unrelated to writing in any way shape or form.  I have read countless articles and advice pieces telling me this is A Very Bad Thing, because if people are following me (either on twitter, or here- and there aren’t many of you) to hear about writing-related stuff, and I spend the day tweeting about misadventures in potty training, or posting photos of myself in fancy dress then you’re all going to get bored, assume I’m not your cup of tea and presumably piss off elsewhere.

And I don’t want that to happen, really I don’t.

But I also don’t want to feel like I have to hold back parts of myself because they don’t ‘fit’ with an image I’m supposed to be building of myself.  The truth is, yes I am a writer.  Although no one actually pays me for it, so I feel kind of funny claiming the title if I’m honest.  But I do spend a significant proportion of each day putting words on to pages and will continue to do so even if no one ever pays me for it, so I guess that’s what I am.  But I’m also a mum, and will make no apologies for thinking my kids are awesome (or complaining when they’re not).  And I’m also someone with a fairly newly (ish) diagnosed medical condition, that I talk about from time to time.  I read, and I swim and I love my rabbits, and eating cake and planning my next tattoo (sometimes at the same time with those last two) and I want to be able to talk about this stuff.  Both in real life and here.  And it doesn’t really matter to me if no one actually reads it, or replies, and if I’m just shouting into a void, because, well it’s my void and I want to fill it with the words that are important to me, even if they don’t matter to you.

My friend died a week ago, and there is currently a pretty huge crisis going on within my family, and neither of those things are really mine to share in any detail but I want to be able to at least say that they’re happening, and that if my tweets and blog posts are all “why is the world so fucking crazy” then that’s the reason why.  I am no good at pretending that x,y and z aren’t happening because I’m not a robot.

So, dear reader, whoever you are.  I’d like you to stick around, even if you’re not interested in half the stuff I blather on about, because you never know, something might pop up that you’re actually vaguely interested in.  But if all you want are blog-posts-on-a-theme, then please do look elsewhere, because that isn’t what you’ll find here.  This isn’t a writing blog, a book blog, a mummy blog, or a foodie blog.  It’s just me.  The good, the bad, and yes sometimes the ugly too.




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