The Import/Export Business

The observant among you may have already noticed that it’s looking a lot fuller around here.  I finally made the decision to port (most of) my old blog posts over.

I think it’s the right decision as a lot of what I talk about doesn’t make much sense unless you know me personally or have read older posts, and it’s a bit much to expect folk to visit an entirely separate blog to get the whole story should they want it (not that I flatter myself that any of it’s that interesting, but a whole story is surely more interesting than a snippet of one?!)

The only thing that is really annoying me is that the import/export business has completely messed up the formatting with a lot of the posts, so if you do decide to read back a bit, please forgive me the crazy spacing and lack of discernible paragraphs, it honestly isn’t my fault.  I have tried to correct them but having a “computer says no” response. Gah.

I’ve updated all the back-links as far back as the start of 2014, but the idea of amending them beyond that is frankly depressing so in the interests of my mental health I’m not going to bother 😉

Also I’m anticipating being pretty busy this month on account of Camp NaNo, and, you know, life…so if I don’t manage to post as often as usual you’ll all have plenty of reading material to trawl through.  Because, who wouldn’t want to read about that time I traumatised my child with Nemo?  Or get an insight into what it’s like to have a birthday three days before Christmas?  Or re-visit the blog post in which I realised that my life was a series of GCSE Maths problems?

Failing all else you can always marvel at the way in which life can be completely tipped upside down without so much as a minute’s notice.




Any thoughts?

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