And we’re off! (Book Jar Post 1)

I finally went and did it!  After all this time…putting it off…waiting for the right time…last night I finally swooped down, casual as anything and picked the very first book out of my Book Jar 🙂


And you are not going to believe what it is…


Haha.  So after my Book Shelf Inspection, and saying that I’d started this book last year but had given up after a few pages, I am now going to be attempting to read it again, the whole way through this time!

And if you’re thinking “it’s a fix” I assure you, it most certainly is not.  If I desperately wanted to read another book I’d just do it.  The point of the Book Jar project is not to force me to read books I don’t want to, it’s to eliminate (or at least cut down on!) all that musing and pondering and deliberating that I do when trying to decide what to pick up off the shelf next.

I could get in an independent adjudicator I guess but given as this is a jar of book titles, not the national lottery, you’ll just have to trust that I’m telling you the truth 😉


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