I Quit My Job

As above really.  I’m not sure what else there is to say on that matter.

Well, there’s plenty to say, it’s just that for once I don’t know how to say it.

I have spent many (many) an hour fantasising about quitting my job, in those fantasies, I would usually sweep into my manager’s office after a particularly hellish night shift and declare “I quit!” before running through the double doors and falling onto my knees on the tarmac of the car park weeping great tears of joy at my freedom.  It was all very cinematic.

Then I actually did it.  Biggest anti-climax everrrrrrr.

BUT I do feel incredible.  Partly incredible in a “shit me, I can’t quite believe I just did that, what the hell was I thinking?!” but mostly incredible in a “wow, I feel amazingly light, like I could float off the ground and over the rooftops now the weight of that decision isn’t weighing down on me anymore…weeee, I’m floating…wait, am I high?!” sort of way.

You can see I think, why I said I was struggling to really find the words to cover this subject matter,

The truth is, I wanted to do this a year ago, but couldn’t.  And then I got ill, and was temporarily paralysed and blah blah…and now here I am.  Back on my feet but they’re leading me down a totally different path.  And it still isn’t really the *right* time for me to quit my job. (Actually, I doubt there’s ever a good time to quit your job- unless you have another one lined up) but I’ve gone and done it anyway.

I expect a lot of people will have opinions on my decision and I look forward to hearing those in the coming hours/days/weeks (Oh how I wish there was such a thing as a ‘sarcasm font’)  but for now I’m just going to enjoy the high before the inevitable low.  Like many a junkie before me, I’m telling myself it will sooooo be worth it.


Any thoughts?

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