Lots of changes are happening right now, and this blog is one of them: HELLO!

I haven’t yet decided what I’m doing about my other blog There were four in the bed and the little one said but it felt like the right time to move somewhere new.  I may yet bring some of the posts over with me (especially since this place is looking a little stark) but with 170 posts to choose from it could get messy.

So for now, I’m starting afresh.  I’ll probably still be writing about the same stuff, just in a shiny new place with my name in the bar (check it out!)  I would’ve just re-named the old blog but apparently R L Holland is already taken, as is every other variation of my name you can think of.  Same story on Twitter *sigh*  The moral of this story is, not to be a decade late to the party every single time.  Ah well.  To be honest, given my antisocial nature, y’all are just lucky I turned up to the party at all 😉

I think a sparkly new start was in order anyway, and hopefully it won’t be long before this place is looking like home 🙂 In the meantime you’ll have to bear with me!


Any thoughts?

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