The Library Adventure

You’d be forgiven for thinking that I’ve forgotten all about my Book Jar pledge. After all it’s been about 6 weeks and I’ve yet to pluck a scrap of paper out of it.
I haven’t though, honestly. It’s just that I went to the library…*oops*
In my defence I was just taking the kids so they could swap their books but it spiralled somewhat. After all, when you have 70 unread books in your house, the obvious thing to do is surely to acquire MORE…right?!?!
I was almost thwarted in my attempts: I had an unpaid fine on my account for returning my last lot of books late (tsk) and these days it isn’t as simple as handing over some loose change to the librarian behind the desk.
Ours is a ‘community’ library now. Which means there is no librarian…or desk…and you can’t pay your fines there…or get any assistance at all whatsoever. There is a guy (sometimes two) hovering around where the desk used to be but as he said himself “I’m just here to make sure no one steals any of the books or computers”.
So security guards have replaced librarians, an ATM style machine has replaced the borrowing/returns desk, and it is now only open for 2.5 days a week. The “baby bounce ‘n’ rhyme” group which I took Toby to every single week of my maternity leave is long gone, as are the stickers and certificates the boys used to get from The Book Club after borrowing a certain number of books/grinning cheekily at a librarian.
Apparently the fact that the building still stands and houses books signifies a small victory for our community, and yes I feel fortunate that we only have to walk 1 mile up the road to borrow books but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel sad at the compromise.
What it meant for us this time, was that I was unable to borrow anything as my account was suspended until I paid the fine (that I wasn’t allowed to pay to the guy who was there to stop me from stealing stuff/setting fire to the place!) If it were just me I’d have shrugged (perhaps haughtily) and not been TOO bothered, but the thing was that Toby had chosen a Spiderman comic book as one of his ‘books’ and they can’t be borrowed on a child’s account. Usually I borrow them for him on mine but…duh…I couldn’t could I? So he was devastated (and I mean distraught, in the way only a 4 year old can be when life is so cruel as to deny them the basic pleasure of taking home a book they have set their heart on borrowing).
Our options were: 1. Forget about it OR 2. Make a mad dash home, jump in the car and drive up to the nearest library that still actually functions as a LIBRARY with really real librarians who can accept cash for fines.
The former seemed the easiest but Toby’s heartbreak was off we went on a mad cap “Library Adventure” (Toby’s words).
Of course it was almost library closing time and it just had to start raining, and the traffic was heavy and Toby started yelling at the other cars to “move” and it was so farcical that it actually became hilarious. We made it back to our local library just in time to grab our abandoned books from where we’d left them and borrow them on my newly credited and unlocked account.
So, as I’m sure you’ll understand, having gone through all that I feel I should probably read this lot before commencing Operation Book Jar. Along with the Spiderman comic, which was the real reason for the adventure, although I’m not very good at reading comics (Shhh! I just find it so tricky to know who is saying what and when!) so I usually leave that to Chris 😉
I’ve already read one of that pile, so I promise it won’t be too long before I am consulting The Jar!

2 thoughts on “The Library Adventure

  1. Beth 30/04/2014 / 5:13 pm

    Poor Toby! I can imagine the anguish – our local library is completely miserable but the one in the city centre is lovely though we've never really chatted with the staff.
    The Fault in our Stars is worth skipping your Book Jar for a little time 😉

  2. Rebecca Holland 03/05/2014 / 4:25 pm

    I've heard it's really good…hopefully worth getting another fine for 😉

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