The Yoga Ogre

A few months ago my boys’ brought home this book from a birthday party:
Not only is that such a brilliant idea (books instead of party bags, I mean), but the book itself is hilarious.
Basically Ogden (the protagonist) is an ogre on a mission to get fit, and as I read it I couldn’t help but notice a few similarities between him and me.  Particularly his inability to understand how his pyjamas suddenly didn’t fit, despite his over indulgence in pie.
The similarities became even more striking this week when, on Monday I went to my first ever yoga class.
Thankfully, (*spoiler alert!*) I managed not to cause any damage to the structural integrity of the building, unfortunately however, I do appear to have caused some significant damage to myself.
I didn’t even feel like I was particularly pushing or straining myself, and was quite accepting of the fact that there were limitations (many & varied) to my flexibility and what I was capable of. The class was 90 minutes, and afterwards I came home feeling tired but relaxed.
The following morning however I felt like shit.
Or more specifically, like someone had run over me with an eighteen-wheeler, and inserted barbed wire into my skull.
I continued to feel like this particular brand of shit all day on Tuesday, and after doing nothing other than take the kids food shopping, I ended up having to go back to bed at 3pm, something I haven’t had to do in a really looooong time.  This was only accomplishable because I bribed the children with The Little Mermaid on DVD and snacks, to get them to sit still and quiet in my bed.
Yesterday I didn’t feel quite as bad initially, but then as soon as I tried to walk almost instantly felt like it was a Very Bad Idea and that I might pass out in the street (fortunately I didn’t).
Today my head feels clear but my back and neck are still killing me. Leading me to wonder if Tuesday and Wednesday were the result of a burgeoning migraine nipped in the bud, rather than the yoga, (which I assume is what these lingering aches and pains are a hangover from).
Alternatively this could all be some random CIDP related horseshit but that seems unlikely only 10 days in to my IVIG cycle.
Either way I am going to have to decide whether to try again next Monday.
At this point I’m thinking it could be kill or cure…

One thought on “The Yoga Ogre

  1. Beth 30/04/2014 / 5:14 pm

    I noticed this when I clicked on one of your other posts. Jess is obsessed with the 'Yoga Yoga' as she calls him. We own it but she still tries to get it out of the library ever time.
    I guess your post is more about you than Ogden but we do so love Ogden. I keep meaning to try yoga but laziness + cost of getting into town means I just remain a lazy lump!

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