Living in the Now

Further to my post about needing to undertake a bit of a cyber spring clean, I have changed a few things around on the blog.  I have done away with the Duplo blocks and done my best to jazz it up a bit, but hopefully without making it unreadable?! (I was going to say let me know if anyone is struggling but if you can’t read it then how would you know I’d said that?!)
I am flirting with the idea of a change of name and url too but don’t want to make any hasty decisions, especially since Chris insists that I’ll get the occasional dodgy traffic regardless.
You may be delighted (or dismayed) to know that for now I am still going to keep blathering away about whatever thoughts happen to cross my mind on any given day, so I’ll still be writing about parenting, health (or not), writing, and life in general.  Eventually I’d like to develop sections so that people coming here to read about my CIDP journey aren’t forced to wade through my (multiple) posts on poo in it’s various incarnations (cloth nappies, potty training, family bouts of D&V and the such).
For now you’ll all (yes, every single one of the fourteen of you) just have to endure the full package though…consider it holistic blogging if you will 😉
And speaking of holistic, alongside my cyber tinkerings, I am undertaking a bit of a life spring clean at the minute too.  You know how they always say that in order to succesfully make changes in your life you have to take it one step at a time, making a little change here and a little change there? Well, I’m calling bullshit on that theory and going in for the overhaul.
This past year or so, with it’s mole scares, and hospital stays, miscarriages, the loss of my lovely mother-in-law, my friend Nic’s ongoing battle against cancer, my own Mum’s ongoing battle against cancer, has really hammered home, with a giant fucking proverbial mallet, just how important it is to live in the now.  A phrase often used to justify impulsive decision making and a lack of long term plans, but which actually means being present each day because it’s the only one of which we can be certain we have.
And once you really take that on board, and I don’t mean nod and say “yes, how true”, and then carry on procrastinating about that allotment you’ve always wanted but never got round to putting your name down for, but really appreciate what that actually means, then the idea of putting off anything at all becomes deplorable.
So in the spirit of seizing the day I will be immediately quitting my job, joining the circus, overhauling my wardrobe and starting surfing lessons…
Or not.
If this were a film that’s what I’d do because I’d only have 90 minutes of visual stimulus to demonstrate to you how I am living in the now, and by throwing caution (and all my clothes and financial obligations) to the wind, you could be sure that yes, she really has lost her mind, grasped how precious life really is.
This is not a film, so I’ll not be turning my joggers into dusters or climbing up on that surf board just yet, but it is true that I am making lots of radical changes every single day, they’re just not the kind that can be seen by others unless they’re paying close attention.
You see the biggest change of all, that any of us can make, is a change of mindset.  Swapping our “One day…”‘s for “Today”‘s and instead of thinking “If only” ask “Why not?” and replacing “I wish I could” with “I can and I bloody well will”.
If you can do that (and it ‘aint easy, but then what about life is?!) then naturally other changes will follow.
That’s my theory anyway.
I’ll let you know how my new life as a penniless, ballgown wearing, vegetable growing, surfer-chick circus perfomer* works out…
(*In case anyone was curious why I am suddenly obsessed with the circus, it’s because we went to one last week and it was fab and my new ambition in life is to be able to hula hoop with twenty hoops at the same time, which will first mean I need to learn how to hula hoop with a single hoop and I figure I’ll build up from there, well, either that or put my back out, or possibly end up needing hip surgery…but you know, whatever…)

Any thoughts?

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