Cyber Spring Clean

I’m thinking a Spring clean may be in order…only instead of kidding myself I’ll actually ever get round to sorting the box junk room, or being a weirdo and organising all the tins in the cupboard so the labels face the same way, instead I thought I”d focus my energies on all things cyber.
It’s a fact of life, or my life anyway, that a significant portion of it is lived out online.
E-mails, banking, social networking, shopping, blogging…not to mention all my documents, photos and music, which admittedly are offline but still “virtual”.
I recently made a horrifying discovery when upon attaching my external hard drive in order to put some “fresh” (aka not listened to it in absolutely aaaaages) music on my ipod, I found that there was nothing there.  Or rather, there was, but it was all stuff that I had already, and all the music I had thought would be there, that I was so sure I’d backed up before my old laptop died, was in fact gone…forever.
It’s that kind of thing that makes me think I need to get my shit in order.
Plus I still have no clue what I am doing with this blog, I keep blathering on about all kinds of random stuff without any clear ideas. Is it a parenting blog? Well, I am a parent of two small children, so sort of.
I got a bit freaked out last year though, when I read an article about a mother who had been victim to some weird cyber-imposter who stole photos of her children and made up a fake Facebook account with them…hence I am suddenly sharing a lot less photos of the kids on the blog. I know I share all kinds of private stuff on here, but then I figure most of it is my information to share. But if I share every minute detail of the boys’ lives and they end up hating me for it…what then?
And if it’s not a parenting blog, then why is my background full of Duplo blocks?! We don’t even play with Duplo in this house anymore, since both boys are in love with actual Lego now (although I do occasionally catch Rudy with tiny pieces in his mouth, but then I catch him with all kinds of shit in his mouth).
And that’s another thing- the title. I loved it at first as it summed up life perfectly, since there was rarely a night went by that we didn’t at some point, have all four of us in the one double bed. But these days that only happens at story time, or very rarely if the boys sneak in with us at dawn. Plus I’m not sure if it’s to blame but the blog seems to be attracting a lot of err…inappropriate traffic and I’m wondering if people are perhaps taking the “four in a bed” part the wrong way?! This is not a blog about foursomes. Sorry to disappoint but I think it’s best to be clear!
Obviously I need to figure out what I’m doing here, and dedicate some time to organising my shit, but when it comes to it I always feel I’d rather do something (anything!) else, hence why I spent last night watching Forrest Gump and eating Bourbon biscuits instead.
If any of you reading this (yes- all four of you!) have any ideas or suggestions then let me know!

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