Uni Reunion

Last Friday night was a momentous occasion- a night out with the girls i went to uni with, and the first time we’d all managed to go out together since we graduated in March 2008! I don’t seem to have any photographs of my graduation ball, which is a little weird but i do have lots of photos from random nights out?!…
(Random night out, 2007)
(Random night out, 2007)
(Oh look, another random night out, 2007!)
There we are after our graduation ceremony. And yes i did graduate along with everyone else, i just took my gown and cap off asap afterwards, in case anyone was thinking “OMG i need to call the NMC, she’s a fraud!”…See…here’s the proof:
(plus i have like, an actual certificate and stuff somewhere!)
Most of us have met up many times inbetween, getting together for play dates or lunch but for ALL of us to be free to party on a Friday night apparently required the planets to align exactly just so!
You might think i’m exagerating but with shift work, partners, children, illness, money etc it really does take some organising. So you see Friday night really was very special.  I mean, it must have been because i actually got my hair done! (More about that later!)
We started out civilised with a meal at Red Hot Buffet World and then quickly ditched the civility and moved on to pitchers of cocktails, silly dancing and jagerbombs (My first ever! Tasty, but baaaad move!)
So much has happened to us all in five years but as my lovely friend Anna put it, the friendship hasn’t.
We had a good catch-up and a real laugh.  I got home at 4am. 4am!  4am is usually when i am getting up.  I had a severe case of the spins for most of the morning but perked up after a plate of chips for lunch.  My knees however were doing their best OAP impression, all “WTF were you thinking?! We can’t walk in heels! We can’t walk at all! What do you think you are, twenty eight years old?!” etc.  I spent much of the night sat down to be honest but there are some songs you just have to dance to. Even if you have to dance old-lady styleee. It’s gotta be done.
Oh yeah. I have red hair now.  Really RED hair.  It’s awesome, i love it.
I couldn’t do it every weekend, because i’m lame.  No, i mean actually lame, i can’t walk! But yes, also that too! And skint, and a bit too much of an introvert to have such a happenin’ social life. BUT i would definitely like to do it more than once every five years! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Uni Reunion

  1. Sam Lee-Watson 06/02/2013 / 8:57 pm

    I have a night out this Saturday, all the girls from my old work and some of us who don't work there anymore so I feel the love for the joy of getting everyone in one place. And love the hair!

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