"Just stick to pushing the pram"

I will swear to whatever God you want me to that is what the GP i just saw said to me. No really. He did. And the worst bit is i was so shocked i just walked out stunned?!

I managed to get an appointment for my knees this morning. I just wanted an idea of what i’d actually DONE to them and how long it would be before i could expect to resume normal function.

I’ve never seen the GP before in my life so don’t know if he’s a locum or new practice doctor. He didn’t introduce himself. I told him the problem he prodded both knees which caused me blinding pain (thanks, you prick) and then announced with some glee that i have nobbly knees (i am not making this shit up) and that i have pulled both ligaments holding my kneecaps in place. He advised it would take, and i quote “months to heal” and that i should “rest for a couple of weeks”, “Give the run a miss” and “just stick to pushing the pram”.

What. The. Actual. Fuck?!

As an aside i have torn ligaments in both knees in the past and although it was admittedly some time ago i do remember the kind of pain. And this aint it!

So the bad news is i am apparently out of the running game.  The good news is that i am not even sure the guy is a medical doctor so i can probably disregard his diagnosis and get a second opinion!

I am impressed he managed to surpass what i thought would forever be considered my most ridiculous trip to the GP, when i went along with a severe ear infection and perforated ear drum to be told “But you have two ears” (Again, i shit you not.  This stuff actually happens to me all the time)


One thought on “"Just stick to pushing the pram"

  1. Sam Lee-Watson 01/02/2013 / 3:25 pm

    To repeat you, what the actual fuck?????? Condescending useless wanker. That is all.

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