Bah Humbug

We went to see Santa. We didn’t see Santa.

I’d like to say that pretty much sums up today but if only that were true.

The day pretty much started with Rudy ploughing headfirst into our bedroom door frame, leaving a delightful blue lump right in the middle of his forehead. The day ended with him tripping over his brother’s potty and face-planting on to the living room floor.  In-between not much happened.  Except that we went to see Santa at the Levenshulme Christmas lights switch-on.

“Come along from 4.30pm” the poster said.  That sounded pretty casual to me, plus trying to leave the house on time with 2 little ones is almost impossible.  So we arrived around 4.35pm, not bad you’d think? WRONG! The queue to see Santa was immense and snaked around the corner and up the street but we joined the end of it and hoped for the best.  It was not to be.  First up Toby stood in some dog shit.  Dog shit! In the queue to Santa. It was dark so i didn’t realise at first and by the time i thought “Wtf is that smell?!” it was too late and it was ALL over his Gruffalo wellies.  Then Rudy started to get fed up with the waiting (he wasn’t the only one but us grown ups have to at least try to keep our impatience in check.  At 13 months old you’re free to express your discontent at the length of the queue.  Loudly.) Additionally almost every other parent around us in the queue was smoking.  Smoking. In the queue to Santa. Are people for real? I used to smoke a long time ago.  And they do say ex-smokers are the worst.  But c’mon. In the queue to see Santa?! So between the stench of dog shit and cigarette smoke and to a soundtrack of Wailing Rudy i was considering calling it quits when some older kid ran past and pushed Toby over. And we were done.

The boys had already spotted street vendors selling bright plastic flashing things and giant helium balloons in the shape of Santas so i used my Mama compromise skills and after purchasing 1 x flashing spinning thing and 1 x giant Santa balloon and having queued in the freezing cold for over an hour we made our way home without seeing the main man himself.

Still, neither Toby nor Rudy seemed particularly disheartened by the experience.  Rudy had a power-nap on the way home and here they are just after we arrived home:

It’s still November.  There’s time for me to get into the festive spirit yet.  And in the meantime, there’s rum 😉

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