Remember Remember

So the saying goes.  Except, for us it’s the 6th of November, not the 5th.  These days, bonfire night, or guy fawkes night, is just a prelude to something bigger and brighter than even the sparkliest of fireworks- our first son’s birthday.

Yes, three years ago this very night we became parents.  In room 6 on the delivery suite at St Mary’s Hospital here in Manchester, at 8.35pm our world was changed forever by the birth of this little guy:

And here he is today, on his 3rd birthday, at The Trafford Centre, where we went so he could choose toys to buy with his birthday money 🙂

I can’t even begin to describe how life changed for me on becoming a Mum.  It was like everything changed and yet nothing did.  I was still me, but i was entirely different.  Life carried on but would never be the same.  It’s like the passage of time- it seems like Toby has been in our world forever and yet i can remember the minute he arrived like it was just earlier today.  The midwife handed him up to me and as i took hold of him i took a good look at him and i thought “Yes, that’s my baby”.  I recognised him instantly, like i already knew him.  Just remembering that moment is enough to bring tears to me eyes, although strangely enough i didn’t actually cry at the time, i just felt an enormous sense of relief to have him safely in my arms, and amazement that he was really here and really ours.

It’s been a fantastic journey from there to here, i wish i could have bottled it all up to relive again someday as i know i’ll want to, but of course i can’t.  So i will just try to cherish, maybe not every single moment, but as many as i possibly can 😉

Tobias- Then and Now

(November 2009)
(November 2012)
(November 2009)

(September 2012)
(November 2009)
(November 2012)
(December 2009)
(November 2012)
(November 2009)
(October 2012)

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