The Party

Yesterday was The Party.  Yes, the party i was stressing about in my last post.  It was a big success.  I can’t say it went without a hitch, because it didn’t…there were hitches aplenty.  Not least the last-minute, somewhat severe drop in numbers of attendees.  But it all came together in the end, and as with so many things in life- it really was a matter of quality over quantity when it came down to it.

The boys seemed to have a fantastic time although they’re so young that every day, even the very best of days, have their ups and downs.  An hour before the party started Toby was lying on the living room rug in his robot pyjamas, clutching an old fireman sam fire engine he almost never plays with wailing that he didn’t want to go to his birthday party he just wanted to stay at home and play with his “nee naw”.  It’s a tough old world when you’re (almost) three 😉

Once at the party there was some light sulking as he didn’t really ‘get’ party games but with some gentle (ish) encouragement he got into the swing of things and once he’d figured out what “Musical Bumps” was all about he didn’t want it to stop.  Ever.

Rudy spent the entire weekend thoroughly bemused as we had Chris’s Mum and sisters staying with us and pretty much every time he woke up from a nap someone new had arrived in the house, i bet he thought it was like some kind of incantation or something…close my eyes and abracadabra…*poof* random people appear!

He seemed to enjoy himself at the party too though.  There were tears when he toppled off a stool but other than that he was his cheery self, milling around, giving (and receiving) cuddles and smooches from all the guests and wooing the ladies with his dance moves

Haha.  He loved the little sensory den they had there-

and he was eyeing up the birthday cake pretty much from the minute we arrived!

(finally getting to eat cake, on Aunty Katie’s knee!)

I was overwhelmed i have to say, i felt the whole thing lasted about 5 minutes as it seemed i’d barely had chance to talk to anyone and then it was time to say goodbye then all the family guests came back to ours for a drink and to see the boys open their presents

By bedtime i felt like i’d actually been out partying for real.  I woke up at 6am this morning feeling really disorientated and realised that i hadn’t heard a peep from Rudy all night.  “Great!” i thought, “he slept through the night! All we need to do is have a huge massive birthday party for him every day and we’ll be able to get a full night’s sleep every night!”

I decided to go pee and then go check on him but when i got into the hall i saw that the safety gate was across the top of the stairs.  We have a kind of ‘routine’ that we don’t put the safety gate across when we come to bed as it’s noisy and, being right outside Rudy’s bedroom door, it  wakes him up.  So we wait until his first waking of the night (usually not long after) and then whoever goes into him pulls the gate across.

So i was a bit baffled and decided to consult Chris on my return to bed, at which point i was told, that no, Rudy did not in fact sleep through the night.  However i did.  Oops.  Haha.

I guess i really did party hard yesterday!

(two three very sleepy boys, all partied- out!)

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