Preparations for Celebrations

Today i went into our loft for the first time.  Chris has been up and down a few times since we moved here in June but today i actually had to venture up there myself.  Chris was home, and assisted me with the tricky part (assembling the ladders, moving the hatch, turning the light on, climbing back down and re-assembling the ladders in a different fashion) but i had to be the one to go in as i was looking for a certain *something* and i couldn’t remember what bag/box/general packaging it was in to describe it to Chris.

The *something* was halloween outfits for the boys.  Which i did eventually find in a huge ELC carrier bag full of other totally random stuff, including a pair of curtains, Christmas baby clothes and millions and millions of pairs of GIANT knickers from when i was pregnant with the boys. Haha.  Not sure what the logic was when i was packing that bag up, clearly it happened towards the end of the house moving process when i’d all but lost my tiny mind.

In any case, i was delighted to discover that Toby still fits in his (2-3 years) costume from last year and Rudy will fit in Toby’s (9-12 month) costume from two years ago, so they are both sorted for halloween costumes this year and very cute they will be too 😉

I also discovered our halloween party box full of decorations and accessories from the big halloween party we held a few years ago (BC- Before Children) but most of that stuff is waaaaay too ghoulish for delicate minds so will be going back up in the loft pronto.  I kept out the glow-in-the-dark Halloween tinsel though 😉

The actual main reason for going up into the loft was to get the hats. scarves, and gloves that i’d wisely decided we “wouldn’t need for aaaages” back down as the temperature has really dropped here this past week.

We went to playgroup for the first time in a few weeks yesterday and on the walk there Toby faced the dilemma of many-a-preschooler, as his hands were freezing but if he put them in his pockets he wouldn’t be able to hold on to the pram and would likely fall off the buggy board at the next kerb.  Luckily we came up with a short-term solution where i put my hands over his to warm them, but i decided then and there that the time really had come and we had to go up and retrieve the winter woolies today.

Aside from our halloween and general winter preparations there are of course the birthday preparations!!! I can’t believe Rudy is going to be a whole year old next week.  It’s crazy how the time has flown.  And yet at the same time it does feel a very long time ago that i was pregnant with him.  Not sure how that works.  I think time, or rather a person’s perception of, is just a funny thing.

They are having a joint party this year (i’m not sure if i have maybe mentioned that here before) so i don’t have that much to do in the way of actual party prep really, just pay someone else and turn up on the day and enjoy the celebrations (or at least that’s the plan!) but the party isn’t on either of their actual birthdays so now i am racking my brains thinking of something we can do on the actual day to mark the occasion without going over the top given that he’s also having a party (if that makes sense?!) I really want to do something that is fun for Rudy rather than fun for us (although if we could think of something that fulfilled both of those criteria it would be better obviously!)

Something fun for us that will also entertain a paper-eating, bookcase-climbing, potty/toilet/toilet brush obsessed, cat tormenting, happy little hooligan?…Hmm…this will require some thought!



One thought on “Preparations for Celebrations

  1. Sammy Kitten 07/10/2012 / 8:11 pm

    Soft play? Trip to an adventure playground or farm park?

    Trying to think what we do as we don't 'do' parties. This year we went to Chessington as a joint treat on Nyah's birthday, and just stayed in opening presents and eating junk food for Theakston's the next day (which was overwhelming enough for them, lol). The year before was supposed to be In The Night Garden Live, but we swapped it to later on because Sam was away. My dad came down and we were going to take Theakston to a local farm park thing (it's mostly outdoor play equipment and a few animals in a barn) but obviously I had a baby instead. And the year before we went to London Zoo!

    Maybe just have a special meal or carpet picnic, space out the present opening throughout the day/hours, and take time assembling/playing with each one as you go?

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