Beach Baby

Today we went to the beach 🙂

It was Rudy’s first time and it turns out he is a Big Fan!

Toby had a fantastic time too.  Although he cracked us up this morning, i was trying to make him guess where we were going “Play area?” he said “Park?” then “Shops?” so i got out his bucket and spade from our holiday last year and waved them at him “SANDPIT!” he said! Lmao.

He said it again when we were there, he finished his ice cream at the cafe on the pier and said “My want to go back in the sandpit now!”

I’m so loving his notion of the beach being this HUGE sandpit.  Similarly i think he saw the sea as a HUGE swimming pool as he wasn’t content with paddling and wanted to go further and further out and “sit down!” although thankfully didn’t in the end as we were all quite soggy enough as it was!

It was quite very windy but warm enough when the sun appeared from behind the clouds.  We had a brilliant time building sandcastles, playing chase, looking for shells and other interesting beachy stuff.  We saw a crab shell, some super smooth pebbles, seaweed, which Toby was NOT a fan of and referred to as “monsters” and there was a jellyfish in the sea near where we were paddling which slightly freaked me out as i didn’t realise that’s what it was at first and was all “oooh Toby come take a look at this funny thing…” and then “Oh no wait! Don’t go near that funny thing!” Haha.

They both loved paddling in the sea, even though it was a bit nippy on the toes and then we had a looooong walk back to the pier for refreshments so Rudy, exhausted from his adventures had a nap in the sling on the way.

We ate fish and chips on a bench on the front and then went for a walk along the pier.

We had to walk through the amusements to get to it and Toby was overawed by all the “toys” (rides) so i very slowly and clearly explained that he could pick one.  Just one ride.  And that he could go on it, but that when it finished that would be it.  He chose a ride in a car around a track, go-kart stylee.  He’s been on a go kart before but with help from one of us and we weren’t even sure his feet would reach the peddle whilst sat down, let alone that he’d be able to steer himself around (adults weren’t allowed to ride on with the kids) but i’d said he could pick any ride, and that’s the ride he picked. Luckily he’s a tall leggy thing and could just press the accelerator to the floor whilst sat down.  I figured he’d just crash and bump his way around like a solo version of dodgems but he very carefully steered his way around the track only crashing into the central reservation twice, and one of those times was because i distracted him by asking him if he was having a good time! (Bad Mummy).  He did almost take out a couple of kids who’s moronic grandparents were letting wander around on the track but thankfully didn’t.  Mostly thanks to his driving skills rather than their supervision skills though!

After it finished i expected some degree of protestation or at the very least a request for a go on something else but nope, he happily came away without a single tear let alone tantrum.  I was very impressed so suggested to Chris we should reward ourselves/him with some ice cream.  Toby had blue ice cream (bubblegum) and i had rum and raisin.  Chris had a coffee.  Not coffee ice cream. An actual hot beverage.  Rudy doesn’t like ice cream but had a few licks of mine just to be sure 😉

After toilet trips and one last play “in the sandpit”

we were all exhausted and decided to call it a day.

They both slept like logs on the drive home and i have a feeling i will tonight, given the chance that is…


One thought on “Beach Baby

  1. Sammy Kitten 09/09/2012 / 10:05 pm

    Aww wonderful day at the beach! I haven't taken mine this year, bad mother, but next year we'll do the rounds I'm sure!

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