Who needs sleep?!

29 hours and 43 minutes i’ve now been awake for.  I’ve reached that stage now where tiredness begins to feel a little like drunken-ness, pretty soon i’ll be tripping over things that aren’t there and slurring my speech.  Oh, who am i kidding? I do that anyway!

Rudy woke up at 5am yesterday, after faffing about most of the night.  I was having none of it.  I plopped him on top of Chris and said “That’s for you!” and off they went down the stairs and i got an extra three hours before Rudy demanded my presence.  We then had a fairly sedate day at home, just pottering doing tidying/cleaning and the like.  We finally, unpacked the last box! Which must mean we’re officially moved now right?! It was a box of totally random…well…crap i suppose.  Mostly Chris’s.  Not that i don’t own my fair share of junk, just that i unpacked mine already 😉 We do still have a few things to do around the house, like hang a few more pictures, and put a safety gate across the kitchen doorway (for the dog, not the kids!) but i feel like we’ve done good to have made so much progress in such a short space of time.  Well, alright, not such a short space of time, a whole calendar month.  But factoring in kids, and work and the like, i don’t think we’ve done bad?!

I was in work last night, which was totally fine, not hectic, but just busy enough to make the shift pass quickly, and then today i’ve been in charge of the gremlins while Chris has been in uni.  We dropped him off around 10am and then headed to the supermarket, grabbed a few essentials while it was still relatively quiet and then took a little stroll to a small independent toy shop round the corner.  I must have driven past it literally hundreds of times, and kept thinking to myself “We really must check that place out” and today, with the random sunshine, and the hours to fill i decided we should go for it. It’s brilliant, lots and lots of wooden, eco-friendly toys and gifts.  I could have spent a good few hours (and probably a few hundred pounds) in there left unchecked, but i exercised what little self restraint i have, and just spent about twenty minutes browsing and allowed the boys to pick one toy each.  Toby picked a toy car (predictable) by green toys.  He had a choice of blue, red, or pink and chose…you guessed it, blue!

Rudy had a little helping hand from me and Toby in his choice.  He was in the sling on my back and grabbed at quite a few different dangly things of various prices, so we settled on this:

A Skiwsh! He was so excited when i gave it to him to play with. Obviously the first thing i had to do was have a little taste!

At 12 i was attempting to make lunch and realised i was about to hit a serious wall of exhaustion.  Toby had requested a cheese sandwich and i was looking for the cheese grater when i realised that it was with a stack of dishes waiting to be washed.  I contemplated washing it up, but i knew if i did it would use up every last ounce of energy, both mental and physical, that i possessed at that time.  So i SLICED his cheese instead (gasp!), put cbeebies on, gave Rudy his lunch, made a pot of coffee and sat in the corner surreptitiously eating a mars bar and glugging my coffee hoping neither child would spot me and want to “share!”

It worked anyway, i have managed to push through that particular barrier.  My heart rate is slightly raised and erratic from the sudden onslaught of caffeine and i do feel a tad queasy but Rudy is napping, Toby is playing with his new toy, and Chris will be home soon (ish) anyway so it’s all good today.

After the “hammer” incident the other day i’ve actually been awesomely calm. Perhaps we could all use a little beating-random-technology-with-tools as a therapeutic intervention to get out all our pent up frustration and anger?! I’m not sure we can afford to make it a regular feature though…


One thought on “Who needs sleep?!

  1. Sammy Kitten 08/07/2012 / 11:26 pm

    Sounds like a good outlet though. I'd try it but I'd end up hitting myself by accident. I managed to pull the hoover on myself today and had that sickening minute or so of being terrified to try and move my arm because it hurt so much and looked so bruised immediately that it surely had to be broken! It wasn't and I prodded it a bit later on and squished it and something happened and it stopped hurting so much. God knows what I fixed but I won't question it whilst I'm painfree…

    Hope you got some sleep in the end and weren't too wired from the Mars and coffee!

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