Red Red Wine

Thank God Chris that he picked up a bottle of red wine on his way home from work this evening.

Just briefly, because Rudy is shrieking like he’s being torn from limb to limb (when in reality he’s being settled in to his cot by his Daddy with some gentle music playing in the background) i will paint you a little picture of life at the moment.

Not sleeping. EVER.

We were supposed to be getting the keys to the new house tomorrow morning but even that’s shot to shit now, because, as i have always suspected, all estate agents are either complete numpties, complete arseholes or a strange combination of both.

The shrieking just ramped up a notch.  I feel sure that our neighbours finger tips are hovering over the buttons on their telephone, just twitching to call social services. I had better go take my turn really, just let me have one more swig of wine for the road…



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