If yesterday was fun, today was pretty much the opposite of fun.

I guess it was slightly productive, which is something at least, because some days are neither fun nor productive, and those really are the worst.

I wasn’t going to bother blogging about it to be honest but then i thought that wouldn’t really give a very balanced view so here i am!

Toby woke us all up early, i had a pounding headache from the moment i opened my eyes (bloody sinuses!) Chris was working last night and still isn’t feeling well so he had a couple of extra hours in bed, Rudy was in one of those moods where he wanted to sleep but didn’t know how to, and it all just culminated in me wishing i had some valium to hand by about 10am.  Toby also picked the one day that we had zero food in the house to decide to be completely ravenous and un-fillable! I realised we would need to go to the supermarket.  On a Saturday.  I started to get dressed but by this point felt like i was teetering on the verge of a complete nervous breakdown and decided that it would better not to have one in Tesco so put my pyjamas back on and went to bed with Rudy for a couple of hours whilst Chris sorted Toby out with some bizarre concoction for lunch (sausage, mash and ravioli anyone?!)

After a bit of sleep i managed to gain some perspective (which is not always easy when you’re being screamed at non stop) and felt ready to tackle the shops so i headed out with the boys as by that point Chris was about to head out to work again.

I got in the car and realised we had no petrol, i decided i could either a. start crying, but that didn’t seem like it would be the most helpful option, however tempting, or b. stress myself out further by going to get some or c. drive steadily to the nearest supermarket and hope the fuel warning indicator was just being a worry-wart.  I opted for c and we went to Morrisons, which is just round the corner in Reddish, we hardly ever go there, in fact i don’t think i’ve been there since i was mid way through my pregnancy with Rudy to be honest!

On the way i began to wonder if i had finally in fact gone completely insane, food shopping with a toddler and baby on my own on the busiest shopping day of the week, at teatime, when we were all fairly hungry but once we got there, it was in fact totally fine.  I don’t understand the layout at Morrisons at all, it’s like some kind of weird code they have going on, otherwise why else wouldn’t sour cream live with all the other condiments and why would baby wipes and nappies be in completely different aisles?!

But other than that it was ok, Toby sat in the trolley, chatting to me about what he could see, and i had Rudy in the stretchy wrap, bobbing along looking sleepy but steadfastly refusing to close his eyes, and i whizzed round as quickly as i could and got us all back in the car where i rewarded Toby with an innocent smoothie which kept him happy for the drive home.

Thankfully Rudy slept on the way back and even miraculously stayed asleep once we got back, for about twenty minutes anyway which gave me time to unload the car, unpack the shopping and cook me and Toby a cheese pizza to share…i know, i know, terrible Mummy feeding my toddler pizza.  If you think that’s bad you should stop reading now…

As i was unpacking the shopping Toby discovered a box of mini chocolate doughnuts i’d bought as a treat and started pestering for one.  I decided one wouldn’t hurt so opened them, said “pick one” and let him take one then closed it and carried on unpacking the shopping, unbeknownst to me he had managed to get back into the packet and when i came back in the room he was shovelling another one in his mouth saying “Pick One!”

I laughed and said “Ok, that’s enough, Mummy’s making pizza now”and took them away, as i was putting them on the counter in the kitchen i thought “there doesn’t look to be many doughnuts in there” It was meant to be a pack of twenty so i counted them and to my horror discovered that either Morrisons bakery lies about the amount of doughnuts in it’s packs, or else Toby ate FIVE MINI CHOCOLATE DOUGHNUTS in the space of about 2 minutes, and right before his healthy and nutritious cheese pizza dinner!

I am a disgrace to motherhood.  I shall go hang my head in shame.

Bedtime was tricky as Toby was a little giddy (probably from the all the sugar he consumed right before i expect) and Rudy was overtired.  Plus Chris was in work obviously so i was juggling them both on my own again.  But they did both finally go to sleep and i rewarded myself with a large glass of baileys and watching “Call the midwife” on iplayer, whilst ordering an online grocery shop to arrive next week so that we don’t have a day like today again!


Any thoughts?

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