A little glimmer

Yesterday was a little glimmer of sunshine at the end of a very cloudy week.  Metaphorically speaking i mean.  In terms of the actual weather, it was dull, grey and pouring with rain.

I started the day with a hot shower, my first shower in exactly one week, so that was a nice start and had me feeling quite positive to begin with, and then we actually managed to leave the house and make it to the little AP playgroup we go to in Whalley Range.  I was apprehensive about going in case it turned out that they would both just behave exactly as they did at home but with an audience (i.e. screaming, wailing and generally pushing my buttons) but in fact it was a bit of a break for us all i think, Toby enjoyed himself (although unfortunately was at the receiving end of another toddler’s frustration this week so there were tears) and Rudy seemed to enjoy watching what was going on and even slept for a little bit (hurrah!)

Then in the afternoon Toby did something totally and completely unheard of, and actually HAD A NAP!  He hasn’t had a daytime nap at home since before Rudy was born (he will occasionally sleep in the car, pram or sling if we’re out and about and all the variables are right!)  He just snuggled down on the sofa next to me (i was feeding Rudy) and asked to be tucked in, so i covered him with a blanket and put “Something Special” on iplayer and when it finished he requested “More Tumble” so i put on another episode and half way through he rolled over and fell asleep! He had an hour and a half and woke up very confused and disorientated at tea time by which point Chris was home, so he had some Daddy snuggles and then played with his playdough while i made us all fajitas!

It was really strange and i was wondering at the time if it meant he was ill or coming down with something as he’d been saying he felt “hot” and “poorly” during the day, although his temp was actually fine.  But this morning he is bright and breezy so i guess the boy just needed a sleep!

Rudy didn’t sleep of course, in fact it was pretty funny in an ironic kind of way, as as soon as Toby opened his eyes after his nap Rudy gave in and started to close his.  It’s almost as though they have a pact never to sleep at the same time as each other during the day lest i get any ideas about actually having five minutes peace to myself!

I didn’t really mind though, it was a good day all in all, and even if one of them naps, it’s a success as far as i’m concerned.

I was also rewarded for my efforts during the week by something really quite special- Rudy’s first laugh! I tickled his chin and he did a little laugh, so i did it again and he did another.  I tried to repeat it for Chris when he got home but Rudy is a serious little chap so just gave us a bemused expression instead.  Two laughs in one day is obviously quite enough as far as he’s concerned.

So i’m sure that there will be more difficult days to come, today might even be one of them, but as long as i can have the occasional day like yesterday, with more smiles and laughs than tears and tantrums, then i’ll be content! 😉


Any thoughts?

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