I’m officially a Mommy!

You may be wondering why the last 2 years and 2 months don’t count, and of course, they do.  But it seems that for Toby at least it is only now becoming official as just in the last few days he has started experimenting with the idea of calling me “Mommy”.

Up to now i have been “Mimmy” and i am still getting “Mimmy” at times but he has randomly started correcting himself- “Mim…Mommy?…”  He does seem to revert to “Mimmy” when he is tired or upset though.

We had to go to the GP surgery today as we had an appointment for Rudy’s “8 week check” and first set of immunisations.  In case you were thinking you missed something, you didn’t.  He is indeed 14 weeks old today so yes they were late!  Anyway, our appointment was at 11.10am and we were finally called through at 11.50am

Toby behaved about as well as you could possibly expect any 2 year old to behave trapped in a waiting room, which was pretty well for the majority of the time.  He did however do a spot of running and unfortunately fell and banged his head on the wall at which point, in between sobs i was most definitely and certainly “Mimmy”

I have been complaining (in a light hearted fashion) for a while now that despite his ability to say totally random words such as “walrus” and “tractor” he still wasn’t properly calling me “Mummy” but now that he seems to be flirting with the idea of dropping “Mimmy” altogether i am actually feeling a little sad and wistful as it will be yet another clear sign our first baby is a baby no longer.  Which is both exciting and terrifying.

So yes.  It’s taken a while but i am a “Mommy” now it seems.  In case anyone was wondering about my choice of spelling- it is because that is exactly how he says it- with a very definite “O” sound!  Maybe the more British “Mummy” will come later?

I don’t think the slight change in job title, or indeed spelling is going to  make much of a difference to my actual job description at all, which on days like today is a bit of a shame as it has involved a lot more “telling off” than i’d like.  Plus there were the jabs, which to be fair, Rudy was very brave about, but it’s still a horrible thing to put your child through and he was understandably grizzly this afternoon after them.  He’s fast asleep in my lap at the minute anyway and looking very comfy indeed, rendering me unable to move for the past 2 hours or so and thus forcing Chris to order us pizza for dinner and fetch me cups of tea…ah the joys of being a Mim/Mom/Mummy 😉


Any thoughts?

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