Here we are

So here we are. We have a blog! I’m still not sure that i fully understand what one is or how to use it but it seems like almost everyone else has one and i was beginning to feel left out! 😉

I’ve been keeping an online parenting journal for some time now, since Toby was around 3 weeks old and although i don’t think many folk read it, and to others it must seem unbelievably dull, i have found it a cathartic experience and it’s nice to look back on and see how far we’ve come.

I asked Chris if a blog was like an online journal or diary but for everyone to see and he said it “sort of” is…

So, here we go…


One thought on “Here we are

  1. Sammy Kitten 12/01/2012 / 11:22 pm

    Welcome! I think of it as a diary, only it's like a diary that you've got nowhere safe to keep and you know that the whole school could get their hands on it and pass it round, if you know what I mean? I tend to write mine like nobody is going to read it, then remind myself that anybody could and go back and edit it. That way I write what I want to write rather than aiming it at an audience, kind of like thinking aloud, but also have the chance to go back and change anything that I might regret. If only I could edit my mouth in such a way, I'm a classic 'say what you see' type of person and it gets me into hot water now and then 😉

    And I ramble too…

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